Jupiter Dynamics

Computer Aided Drafting(CAD)

Pro-Engineer Wildfire 4.0 / CreO 2.0 Training

This course is designed for new users who want to become proficient with Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 4.0 / CreO 2.0 as quickly as possible. Candidates will focus on learning coremodeling skills in this comprehensive, hands-on course. Topics include sketching, part modeling, assemblies, drawings, and basic model management techniques.



  • Introduction to the Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire Basic Modeling Process
  • Understanding Pro/ENGINEER Concepts and Interface
  • Selecting and Editing
  • Creating Datum Features: Planes and Axes
  • Creating Sketcher Geometry
  • Using Sketcher Tools
  • Creating Sketches for Features
  • Creating Extrudes, Revolves, and Ribs
  • Utilizing Internal Sketches and Embedded Datums
  • Creating Sweeps and Blends
  • Creating Holes and Shells
  • Creating Rounds and Chamfers
  • Group, Copy, and Mirror Tools
  • Creating Patterns
  • Surface Modelling
  • Measuring and Inspecting Models.
  • Using Layers
  • Investigating Parent/Child Relationships
  • Capturing and Managing Design Intent
  • –Resolving Failures and Seeking Help

  • S No Technology Module Duration Certification
    1 CAD Modeling 50 Hours ERBrains Certification
    2 CAD Detailing 24 Hours ERBrains Certification
    3 CAD Assembly 26 Hours ERBrains Certification
    4 CAD Introduction to Mechanisms 16 Hours ERBrains Certification
    5 CAD Introduction to Mechanica 16 Hours ERBrains Certification

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