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Angular JS

An interesting javascript framework based on the MVC pattern that allows developers to extend the HTML vocabulary and make the written code much more expressive and readable. In this course, you will explore the purpose of Angular JS, by creating SPAs.


At the end of this course, you will be able to

  • Learn how to build production-ready Angular applications through a number of hands on application
  • Unit test Angular applications
  • Use GRUNT to run the project and test cases in AngularJS
  • Confident to create a complete CRUD application using Angular
  • Angular JS Basic and Advanced Concepts
  • How to use Directives, Filters and Controllers
  • Learn to create custom Filters and Directives
  • How to make calls to servers
  • Learn to unit test a Angular JS
  • Learn to use GRUNT to run the complete project tasks and test cases

  • Prerequisites

  • Knowledge of HTML & JavaScript
  • Basic Knowledge on Object Oriented Javascript
  • Course Designed for

  • Web developers and Designers who focus on front end web development.
  • Session - 1

  • Introduction to Angular JS
  • What is MV* and SPA(Single Page Application)
  • Issues of not using a client side JS framework or where Angular JS comes into picture What is Angular JS
  • Angular JS vs. libraries (e.g., jQuery) and other frameworks (e.g., Backbone.js)
  • Angular JS Features
  • Components of Angular JS
  • Digest Loops and Dirty Checking
  • Session - 2

  • Building Blocks of Angular JS Directives
  • What are Directives?
  • Using ng-app, ng-model, ng-init, ng-repeat, ng-bind
  • Using different directives in an Angular Application
  • Creating Custom Directives
  • Understanding directive definition with different options Expressions
  • Working with expressions Controllers
  • Understanding Controllers
  • Scopes, Watches, Inheritance in Controllers
  • Communicating up, down and across scopes Filters
  • Using built-in filters
  • Creating custom Filters
  • Scopes in Angular Two way binding in Angular JS Services
  • Introduction to Services
  • Creating Modules
  • Injecting Services into Controllers
  • $http Modules in Angular JS
  • Session - 3

    Communicating with Servers

  • Communicating over $http
  • Configuring requests and sending Http Headers
  • Request and Response Transformation Routing
  • Understanding Routing
  • Using ui-router to implement routing
  • Understanding ui-view, states, nested states
  • Session - 4

    Exception Handling in Angular Unit Testing in Angular

  • Overview on karma, Jasmine
  • Setting up karma
  • Creating unit test for controller, directive, service
  • Whats New?

  • New features in AngularJS 1.3
  • Upcoming features in Angular JS 2.0
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